Freedom Series Advanced - Big and Bold (Plants only)

Freedom Series Advanced - Big and Bold (Plants only)

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This plant selection is perfect for almost any office. With the beautiful greens and a few details for contrast your greenwall is guaranteed to impress. It will also be really easy to maintain.

Shipment contains 21 plants planted into the GrowUp pots and bags, ready to be hung in your Freedom Series unit.

Plant choices will include the plants listed below or similar species approved for use in the greenwall system and subject to plant availability at the time of delivery. This image is the recommended plant layout.

Colors above in image correlate to different types of plants form the GrowUp Indoor plant guide. The plants shown below are typical examples. You can see the plant guide here:
Category 5, e.g.
Spider Plant
Lime Green
Category 4, e.g.
Neon Pothos
Dark Green
Category 2, e.g.
Golden Pothos
Light Blue
Category 1, e.g.
Miranta Lemon Lime
Category 5, e.g.
Birds Nest Fern