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I love my green wall, I’ve had one previously too. And about to start my journey of an herb wall." 

Taylor Chim

My curator is so impressed with the first wall we have installed, he has decided to let me buy two additional systems for another area in the park."

North Carolina Zoo

Our experience with GrowUp was great.  The design process was simple and efficient.  We had an excellent line of communication and response times were quick..."

Charlie Patton

Mobile, Versatile, Smart

Use as a a room divider and bring the health benefits of plants into your space.

Use as a prebuilt permanent greenwall.

- Integrated growlight

- Smart app for full automation

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Smart, simple tech for healthy plants

Get your watering right every time

The Moisture Sensor is ideal for anybody that is worried they are going to over-water or under-water their plants.

No fancy dials or gauges, just a green light to say you are fine and a red light to tell you to water.

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Greenwall Components

Modular greenwall system to build any greenwall you can imagine