Designed to be easy to use and install and yet bring all of the functionality required by professionals


The Planting System

The first and most important part of the GrowUp solution is the Planting Kit. It’s is easy to install on a wall or fence or a freestanding frame.

All plants are planted in soil in a grow bag, then placed in the pots for easy planting and harvesting.

The kit consists of:

- rails to be connected to a wall or frame

- hexagonal planting pots

- planting bags


The Irrigation System

Our drip irrigation system waters the plants  directly at their base, reducing any wasted water in the watering process.

This is a major time saver as there’s no need to manually water the plants. The drip-through system ensures all the plants receive the water they need and can be set to turn on and off at strategic times for set time periods

Automation and Water Capture

Each GrowUp system also comes with  specially designed catch tanks. By installing a small pump and timer, all excess water is captured in the catch tanks and pumped through the irrigation system again.

This ensures that no water is lost in the process and by adding a simple timer to the pump the watering of your vegetables can be fully automated.

Better yet? It’s even possible to install remote monitoring systems to manage the system when you’re away.