Get instant results with a fully automated greenwall -  easy to install and maintain

Quick Installation

Installation is simple. A detailed instruction manual is available on the website along with demonstration videos. Installations can be done by a contractor (contact us to help find a contractor in your area) or you can do it yourself with a few basic tools.

Quick turn around times

No pre-building in a factory. All components are standard and modular and are easy and cheap to ship. Since the system can be planted with 6" plants it is possible to install and plant on the same day if required.


Follow curved walls and shapes - round columns, square columns, top slopes, uneven bottoms. Many design possibilities can be achieved.

Due to the modular nature of the system you are able to re-use components in different configurations.

The system is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with or without recycling.

No visible plastic

Honeycomb pot system allows you to pack plants tightly together, to
swap individual plants out, and design on the fly. RESULT = Fast results with no visible hardware

Instant effect

By using 6" plants you make the most of the honeycomb design and the result is a wall that is full "grown-in" the day it is installed. There is no visible plastic and the client is immediately gratified by the result.

No on-site planting

By planting into the pots and bags off-site there is minimal mess and disruption at the client’s site. Planting can be done on the day of installation or a 10 days before (recommended) to allow the plants to overcome any transplant shock.

Soil based - no complicated hydroponics

No complicated hydroponics or steep learning curve for maintenance or installation staff. Most gardeners are comfortable growing in soil and the size of our pot allows for successful plants over time.

Artificial grow medium if requested

If you or your clients prefer an artificial grow medium this can be easily achieved by replacing the soil with an artificial product to hold the roots in place. Supplements are added to the water and the timer is adjusted according to requirements.

Achieve tight project deadlines

Minimum time between buying plants and delivering them = improved cash flow and reduced storage place required. Also, the modular design of the system means that the system can ship immediately with no off-site configuration or building required.

Fully automated

Can be fully automated very easily. With a water point, drain and a timer the system can be fully automated, reducing maintenance costs and maintaining plant health

Lifetime warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty against normal wear and tear on greenwall equipment (excludes electronics and grow bags). Be assured of a quality product, indoors or outdoors for as long as you need it.

No risk of flooding or over-watering

The flood irrigation means the plants only get as much water as they need. The catch tanks catch overflow water and the drain will protect from any overfilling.
NOTE: some systems have to be watered by hand and there is a risk of flooding the bottom tray or that the plants sit in water and could rot


The monitoring system provides early warning of power or water failures that could lead to plant damage. This reduces the risk of lost plants and reduces overall costs for the maintenance company

Free CAD engineering drawings

We provide free CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings for all projects sold by our professional partners. CAD drawings are available on request for all customers.

Grow veggies and herbs where you need them

No more having to go out into the far end of the garden to get your herbs and veggies. A beautiful kitchen garden can be installed close to the kitchen where the herbs and veggies are needed.

Increase the space of your urban farm

By farming vertically you multiply your space by three. A 6 ft high system is giving you at least 20 grow points per linear foot.

Reduced gophers and other pests

Plants are above the ground, reducing the opportunity for pests to get them

Recycling water is environmentally friendly

Water run-off is bad for the environment and with the recycling system in place, there is no wasted water

No pregrown panels

An individual plant failing does not require a whole panel to be replaced
Individual plants can be swapped out quickly
Design can be done and changed instantly on-site


Home-owners who want to get their hands dirty can save a lot of money. Plantscapers and landscapers can make their greenwall projects cost effective for their clients and improve their margins. Farmers can get a great return on investment by increasing their footprint.