Moss Wall - Rectangle

Moss Wall - Rectangle

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GrowUp Pre-Built Moss Walls are beautifully handmade in the U.S. using preserved moss in a wooden frame. Moss walls are delivered and ready to hang on any wall to create an instant biophilic effect. . 


Enjoy the benefits of biophilia without any of the responsibilities of plants. 

Increase productivity 
Improve mood
Reduce stress
Noise Reduction
Create comfortable and inviting spaces
Encourage Collaboration 
Boost concentration 



What Is Preserved Moss? 

Preserved moss is natural moss that is no longer living. The moss we use has been preserved through environmentally-friendly processes to be utilized for moss walls.



Preserves Moss Wall Features 

No maintenance 
No electricity
No water
No hassle
Minimal installation - just hang your moss wall like a picture 




Comes with black, white or wooden frame
25" tall by 50" wide 
Hangs on your wall with a picture frame clasp 



Each moss wall is hand crafted in the USA, making each moss wall completely unique and one of a kind. Your moss wall will be similar to the one shown but variations to design are part of the process.


Greener Spaces are Happier and Healthier Places