8 reasons not to get a green wall

We’ve heard it all before - people have a lot of crazy reasons why they don’t want a vertical garden, whether that’s indoors or out.

We can’t lie - green walls are getting more and more popular. As you can see from this Google Trends graph, searches for the term “vertical gardens” have increased dramatically since 2004:

We can’t work out why. There are lots of reasons not to get a greenwall:

1. They’re too space efficient
Going vertical saves valuable floor real estate and uses up what would otherwise be dead wall space to create something lush, soft and green.


  • 2. They make the air too clean
  • Plants are known for their air purifying qualities and are the best natural air filters. In fact, because of this, NASA recommends you have one plant for every 100 square feet.

    3. They make employees too productive
    According to The Guardian, “When plants were brought into the offices – one plant per square metre – employee performance on memory retention and other basic tests improved substantially.”

    4. They make your office or restaurant too quiet
    Plants are natural sound absorbers and can help absorb ambient noise, depending which plants you plant in your wall.

    5. Herbs are all too convenient
    Imagine having clean, fresh herbs growing mere feet from your kitchen - that is all too possible with a green wall. Homes, urban farmers and yes, even restaurants, are all interested in how well herbs and leafy greens grow in green walls.

    6. Increase your yield
    Vertical gardens can also dramatically increase your yield.  Did you know that farming vertically with the GrowUp system can increase your space utilization by up to four times?

    7. They’re so easy to maintain you’ll forget they’re there
    A soil-based green wall is sublimely simple: it just needs a little watering and normal plant maintenance (trimming and health checks) to create beautifully lush plants.

    8. Look good from day one
    OK, this one is GrowUp specific! With our clever hexagonal system, the durable plastic hardware is almost immediately hidden behind six inch plants, leaving you with a lush look from the get go.

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