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GrowUp Greenwall Kit - Recirculating & Automated - 2' Wide x 4' Tall

GrowUp Greenwall Kit - Recirculating & Automated - 2' Wide x 4' Tall

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The GrowUp greenwall system is designed as a professional quality, modular, greenwall system. It is made from durable, high quality materials and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Whether you are a professional or an home enthusiast you will find the GrowUp modular system will meet you needs. From decorative walls to vertical herb a veggie gardens the GrowUp system does it all.
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This kit includes:



Hexagonal pots and bags x 20


The hexagonal pots are made of UV hardened, food grade, plastic and are suitable for use indoors or outdoors. The clip on the pot hooks onto the aluminum rail.


The planting bag is made from recycled PET. It is designed to keep the plant in the pot and to prevent the soil draining out of the pot. The material assists in water distribution and keeps the soil moist.


Aluminum Mounting Rail x 4


The light weight aluminum mounting rails are 3' long and are used to hang five pots. They are conveniently marked to indicate where they can be cut to meet your specific greenwall needs. Each off-cut can be used in the wall application so there is no waste of left over pieces.



Master Tank x 1


The master tank has a float valve and overflow protection outlet for connecting the system to a permanent water supply. With the permanent water supply connected the system will top up any water used during watering, ensuring a hassle free greenwall experience. If you choose not to connect the system to a water source the tank can be filled by hand with a watering can or a hosepipe between watering cycles.


The master tank connects to the secondary tanks using our proprietary connection system. Each tank is 1 foot wide and there is only need for 1 master tank per wall.



Secondary Tank x 1


The secondary tanks attach to the master tank and join together using our proprietary joining system. Each tank is 1 foot wide. One tank is required for every 2 vertical rows of pots. The tanks are pre-drilled with guide holes for mounting and for connecting the rails.



Irrigation Kit and Pump X 1


The 40 Volt DC pump sits in the water in the master tank and pumps the water up through the irrigation system. Water drips into the top row of pots via the supplied 1Gph emitters and drip tubing included in the kit.


Set up the irrigation supplied according to the instruction manual to allow fully automated water and recirculating of the water using the catch tanks (if purchased).