Why we've got the honeycomb: nature's favorite pattern [gallery]

Just like the honeycomb, GrowUp’s vertical garden is made up of nature’s favorite pattern: the six-sided hexagon. But what is so special about a hexagon and why is it nature’s favorite pattern?

Why the honeycomb is nature's favourite pattern

Why bees build hexagonal honeycombs:

The honeycomb conjecture:

The honeycomb conjecture is a mathematical hypothesis which states that “a regular hexagonal grid or honeycomb is the best way to divide a surface into regions of equal area with the least total perimeter”.

In 1999, mathematician Thomas C. Hales proved the hypothesis with the statement: 

Growup vertical farming | the honeycomb conjecture mathematical statement

Image source: Wikipedia

In layman terms, the honeycomb pattern is the most spatially efficient design, leaving minimum wasted space between objects. Nature has truly mastered mathematical perfection - and humans are only just catching up!

Have a look at these amazing examples of nature’s impeccable design, utilizing the hexagon.


Growup vertical farming | honeycomb and bees

Image source: Math Munch

Flies eyes

Growup vertical farming | fly's eyes

Image source: Insect


Growup vertical farming | hexagonal snowflake

Image source: Science Geist

Hexagon Pool, Golan Heights (Syria)

Growup vertical farming | hexagon pool golan heights

Image source: Technocratic Revolution

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Growup vertical farming | giant's causeway northern ireland

Image source: All That is Interesting


Growup vertical farming | pinapples on the beach

Image source: Pixabay

Turtle and tortoise shells

Growup vertical farming | turtle swimming in the ocean

Image source: Pixabay

Water bubbles

Growup vertical farming | hexagonal bubble formation

Image source: Nautilus


Growup vertical farming | coral

Image source: Infinity Imagined

GrowUp Vertical Farming’s vertical planting system has mimicked nature’s perfection, with its spatially efficient hexagonal structure.

Plants are generally round at their base, and so the hexagon (which is almost round) is a perfect fit for their root system. This means that your decorative, green wall won’t have any unsightly gaps or “dead space” between pots. The pots also create a pixel effect, which is perfectly suited to planting different colors to create living art. This clever design leaves minimal wasted space and also lends itself to a lush, aesthetically pleasing garden faster than any other shaped planting system would.

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